When the TAILOR’S Grooming Masters teamed up and raised their glass together, the scoreboard couldn’t keep up. Creative ideas and craft expertise all focused on the special needs of men’s hair and beard styles struck the basket. And joining all the force together, out came the classy, sporty and one of a kind TAILOR’S Grooming Signature Looks 3.0 From stylish hairdos that perfectly match your tailormade suit and your fancy loafers to timeless cuts that streamline your athleticism and push you for higher goals – our team of Men’s Grooming experts has created the equipment to your styling requirements. No matter if your whisker needs to be primped for a tailormade experience like a retro Whiskey Tasting or your beard has to persist the toughest ice hockey match, the techniques and methods of our Grooming Masters combined with the quality and performance of the inimitable TAILOR’S Grooming products will make you win the cup. Timeless, classy hairstyles or modern, sportsmanlike looks – real men decide which goal they are going for. And no matter if the game plan changes from one moment to the next, with TAILOR’S Grooming you are always up for the most awesome score. Take a run through our latest Signature Looks – headfirst like a fearless sportsman or traditional like a vintage Gentleman. For sure you will find the style you are seeking for. Enjoy your ride and CHEERS!

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